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Waited One Year + Before Review
of 300 Series Shower Enclosure

I promised to build an outdoor shower when I had a grandchild, so the ball was now in my court. I built the unit last spring (2017) and with a few exceptions am very happy with the product. The first thing I would mention, is spend a lot of time on the post lay out. Check it and recheck, because if you're going to have any problems, this is where they'll start. I bought the divider wall (14") and that is just too small (narrow) to be effective. I would suggest the increase its' width, or don't buy it. Also I installed the divider wall the same height as the perimeter walls and then realized it would interfere with the roof and pergola installation. Bought post bases at Home Depot to make a nicer finished look. But overall it was a very good experience. My call for tech help was handled professionally, and the shower enclosure has gotten rave reviews from all those salt crusted , sandy people that arrive from the Rockaway N.Y. beach and get into their cars refreshed, clean and happy.  ~Bruce S.

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